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Who do we think we are?

We have a pretty simple philosophy: work to live, not the other way around. We love training at the box and then utilizing our functional fitness techniques and strength on the road. We like seeing the transference of snatch skill work to rock climbing on the face of a boulder. We'll test your endurance by transitioning from an 800 meter run to an 8 hour hiking day. We like meeting new people, sharing stories and discovering unparalleled experiences. We train at home to experience the outdoors around the world in search of challenge, adventure and discovery. We hope you’ll leave our adventure travels fueled by the beauty of the world, inspired by your fellow travelers, excited about your accomplishments and tired enough to need a vacation from your vacation.

  1. WODS + Adventure Travel
  2. Vacations for the WOD Addicted
  3. Community Building Trips
  4. Exclusive Trips for your Box
  5. Coaches Retreats

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